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Aqua Command-Line Tools


Buy now | Download v1.0 (256 KB). For Mac OS X 10.2 or later. Free trial, $19 single license.

Aqua Command-Line Tools provides point-and-click user interfaces for controlling the command-line tools shipped with Mac OS X. Use it to:

Here is how you can graphically view and set options for 3 of the featured tools:

In the example above, the popular Unix tool grep has been set to search's mailboxes for occurences of 'lettuce' followed by 'tomato'. Many, many search options are available and since grep is both powerful and fast, all the matches will be listed in a matter of seconds.
The setup shown for the Mac OS X defaults tool will cause all the current preferences for Safari to be listed. With a few clicks you could then make Safari re-import bookmarks, even though it normally only does this once.
Developers will appreciate being able to interact with nibtool through a graphical interface, especially when it helps them avoid localization headaches.

It's a fact that the command line's ease-of-use leaves much to be desired. But the tools it offers are both powerful and flexible, and for some tasks the best choice--or the only choice--is to enter commands in the Terminal.

With Aqua Command-Line Tools, the layout of each tool's graphical interface makes it easy to quickly find and activate just the features you want. You don't have to remember obscure commands or spend valuable time wading through dreary manuals, your command-lines are built for you.

Click a few checkboxes, drag and drop files and folders to specify options and parameters, and your command line is ready to be executed in the Terminal.

Included graphical interfaces

Version 1.0 includes graphical user interfaces for the following tools:

Tools for managing processes and preferences:


Allows manipulating user preferences.


Displays process status information.


Indicates last users, logins, restarts...


Terminates a process, or sends it a signal.

Tools for manipulating text files:


Searches files for a given pattern.


Reverses characters in each line.


Splits a file into pieces.


Displays first lines of a file.


Displays last part of a file.


"Pipe fitting", all-purpose input copier.


Word, line and byte count.

Tools for managing Unix files (web servers):


Creates links/aliases.


Moves files and folders, and/or renames them.


Changes the shell's directory.


Changes the shell's directory, stacking the current one.


Changes the shell's directory back to the last one stacked.


Deletes files and folders.


Deletes folders.


Shows the path to the current working directory.

Tools for Mac OS X developers:


Localizes, lists or updates nib files.


Scans source code to generate localizable .strings files.

The next few versions will be adding support for most of the following 100+ tools: split, uniq, hexdump, jot, cut, paste, less, tr, sort, cmp, expand, tsort, unvis, vis, cat, date, comm, merge, diff, diff3, rs, find, ls, locate, touch, file, mkdir, cp, df, chmod, chown, chflags, chgrp, fs_usage, cksum, md5, quota, top, sudo, su, leaks, leave, uptime, who, rwho, w, id, ac, lastcomm, uname, tty, man, fstat, malloc_history, ruptime, time, tops, mailstats, netstat, periodic, SetFile, GetFileInfo, lipo, gdb, MvMac, CpMac, ditto, otool, open, redo_prebinding, update_prebinding, strings, pagestuff, libtool, mount_hfs, cmpdylib, lsbom, mkbom, sample, sc_usage, segedit, size, strip, vm_stat, vmmap, bless, asr, ioreg, installer, kextstat, kextload, kextunload, lsof, pstat, Rez, DeRez, sdp, whois, curl, rcp, nfsstat, ndp, tcpdump, uuencode, pax, ar, gzip, tar, compress.


A single license costs $19 and covers the use of the program by all members of the same household, on their own computers. Five user and ten user licenses are also available. Buy now

After registering, you'll receive an email with your license code, titled "Thanks for your purchase". Quit and restart the software, then enter your name and license code in the startup window to complete your registration and unlock all features.

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