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Buy now | Download (1.2 MB) v1.5.5 for Mac OS X 10.6 and newer. Free trial, $29 single user license.

3/31 v1.5.5: Universal version runs natively on M1 and Intel Macs

3D fileSpace gives you a bird's eye view of all your files and folders, so you get quick and direct point-and-click access to each of hundreds of items, far more than a regular 2D view can show.

And you can quickly see what is inside multiple nested folders, without having to painstakingly navigate to each one. You can drag and drop and perform Finder-like tasks. You can pan, zoom and tilt the view so it shows its contents as you prefer.

You can have a single window composed of multiple panes each showing a Finder folder and the contents of folders inside, so you can keep on hand in a single window all the files and folders you use day to day. And each pane can be quickly expanded into a new full-size window, any time you wish to see the full details. And any 3D window can be turned into a drawer that sits alongside the edge of the screen taking almost no space yet immediately accessible.


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Easy visual access to files and applications

Unlimited desktop space

Fast file/folder browser

Use drawers for instant access

Arrange and customize landscapes

Perform file management tasks directly in the 3D view


A single user license costs $29 and is valid for one person using any number of computers. Five and ten users licenses are also available, as well as family licenses (valid for all members of one household on their own computers).

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Thanks to Mike Ash for NSBlog, Andy Lee for AppKido, Matt Gallagher for NSString+ SymlinksAndAliases, Gideon Greenspan for freeform drawers. Thanks to Gregory Ibendahl, Robin Landsbert, Timothy James and Nick Walford-Smith for testing and suggestions. And thanks to all the fine people who created the Mac, Mac OS X, Cocoa, Xcode, Grand Central Dispatch, Shark, OpenGL, GDB, LLVM, and their predecessors. The icon was drawn by Sim Wong.

Privacy Policy

3D fileSpace does not collect any data to be transmitted out of your computer. Zero.

Version History

Version 1.5.5 - March 31, 2021
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