Custom Menus

Download v1.1 (123 KB) for Mac OS 7.0 through 8.1. Now freeware!

For freeware operation, enter the following name and code in the control panel:
Registered to: Freeware
Registration code: PHYH

Custom Menus 1.1 is a control panel that lets you:


"Great for PowerBook users who have to deal with the 800x600 display, where menus are usually tiny." says Tim Nelson of Nelson Multimedia. Custom Menus lets you set any font or size for the menus!

" Am DELIGHTED with Custom Menus... probably the neatest utility I've ever invested in! I use it with Finale 3.7 (music program), which has zillions of nested menus, and your Utility is superb!" says Peter Lurie on CompuServe.

This MacOS control panel works on all Mac OS computers running System 7.x on a 68020 or later.

Changes since version 1.0.3

Known problems in Custom Menus 1.1

  1. If Custom Menus refuses to work when you upgrade from 1.0.3, please delete the Custom Menus prefs file from the Preferences folder and restart.
  2. If the "your changes could not be saved" dialog doesn't let you enter your registration code, please turn off Custom Menus, trash the Custom Menus prefs file and restart.
  3. Apollo must load after Custom Menus.
  4. Now Utilities 6.5 key equivalent can't be added to menu items when Custom Menus is running.
  5. not compatible with Church Windows
  6. Key equivalents in FileMaker Pro are drawn over the command symbol
  7. Minicad objects are difficult to move when a torn menu is on the screen
  8. GIFconverter menus don't behave normally