Smart Scroll Classic Frequently Asked Questions

Smart Scroll (for Mac OS X) does not accept my Smart Scroll Classic registration information.
Although Smart Scroll (for Mac OS X) carries over features from Smart Scroll Classic, it is not an upgrade (much as Mac OS X is not an upgrade of Mac OS 9). They are different programs, and you can keep Smart Scroll Classic running for your applications in the Classic environment while Smart Scroll (for Mac OS X) enhances native Mac OS X applications.

To use Smart Scroll (for Mac OS X) with Mac OS X applications please register your copy of Smart Scroll (for Mac OS X).
The scrollbars don't seem to be proportional, and some have an 'X' drawn on top of them. What should I do?
Click in the scroll bar, above or below the thumb (left or right for horizontal bars). This makes the application scroll one full page and Smart Scroll will then be able to pick up the info it needs to display a proportional scrollbar.

If the 'X' is still there after you clicked, move to the start or end of the document and try again: some applications only give Smart Scroll the info it needs when scrolling from either end of a scrollbar. Also, the document has to be larger than the window, so resizing the window down (just once) before clicking might help.

Some applications use scrollbars that are all different from one another, and sometimes even change along with the document. You'll see the 'X' reappear from time to time: it'll go away when you click the page up or page down areas in the scroll bar or press the page up/page down keys.
Xpress (and Eudora Pro prior to 4.0) windows won't scroll at all.
Disable Xpress or Eudora's own Live Scrolling for it to work with Smart Scroll.
Does Smart Scroll work with Kaleidoscope ?
Yes, they cooperate to provide you the advantages of both. Please use the latest versions for best results.
What about DoubleScroll?
DoubleScroll's Bottom/Right option is not supported. Smart Scroll is only compatible with the last version of DoubleScroll 2.2, preview 6 (as well as with DoubleScroll 2.1.2).
Conflict Catcher claims Smart Scroll uses more memory than it needs during startup.
This is not an issue, please disregard.
My Logitech mouse's scroll wheel doesn't work when Smart Scroll is running.
Please switch to MouseWare v3.5.1 or newer, and make sure it loads after Smart Scroll.
How do I make my program communicate directly with Smart Scroll?
Developers may download the Smart Scroll API and libraries here.
Is there a Japanese version of Smart Scroll?
Yes, here.