Startup Doubler Reviews "We use Startup Doubler on all of our pre-G4 Macs running Classic Mac OS, i.e. a PowerBook 2400c, Duo 230, Power Mac 7600 and Power Mac 7100. It really works."

Mac OS Planet reviews Startup Doubler 2.6 ("Great product")

Bare Feats compared Startup Doubler 2.0 with Speed Startup (now abandoned).

MacMania recommended Startup Doubler 1.1

"I am running on a Beige G3 upgraded to G4/500 w/7200 RPM 30GB drive (also upgraded from the stock), and still startup doubler shaves about 12-15 seconds off startup. It is a great product, and I feel is well worth the shareware price I paid....
Thanks for the great software." Theodore Summers