Smart Scroll Classic Improving scrollbars since 1996

Download v3.7.3 (84 KB) for Mac OS 7.0 through 9.2.2. Now freeware!


Smart Scroll Classic provides the following enhancements:

"At last -- real scrolling speed control for today's blazing fast Macs. A 300Mhz-plus Mac is great -- until you try to select text as you scroll in your favorite word processor or move items around on the pasteboard of your DTP or graphics program. You select, move the cursor to the edge of the window to scroll and ... zap ... in the blink of an eye, you have hit the bottom of the document or the edge of the pasteboard. Try to scroll back and ... zappo ... you are all the way back in the opposite direction.
Uncontrollable scrolling is bad for your producitivity, your temper and your carpal tunnels. But with Smart Scroll you can set the speed as fast or as slow as you like so you can take full advantage of the fastest Macs with your favorite program -- but retain the human speed scrolling the Mac used to be famous for. "
Geoffrey Heard, Smart Scroll user

To install, just drag the Smart Scroll control panel to your Control Panels folder (inside the System Folder) and restart (note: drag only the Smart Scroll icon, not the whole folder). This control panel works on any Mac introduced since 1990, running System 7.0 through Mac OS 9.2.2.

While Apple's "Smart Scrolling" concerns mostly the Finder, only Smart Scroll brings Proportional Thumbs and Live Scrolling to "the rest of apps" today, including applications such as Netscape, Emailer, AppleWorks/ClarisWorks, or system add-ons such as control panels. And Scrolling speed control works for almost all apps, including WordPerfect, Xpress, Nisus, PowerMail, Freehand, PageMaker...

WordPerfect is being unofficially improved, and the 'patched' version has many advantages including scrolling that may be controlled with Smart Scroll (click and drag the text up or down). More info is available at the WordPerfect Yahoo group, or by subscribing to the WordPerfect Mac Users Mailing List.