Clean-Install Assistant Frequently Asked Questions

Stuffit Expander won't expand the download, it complains about a "corrupted archive"?
Perhaps the "cross-platform" setting in Stuffit's preferences needs to be switched to the other setting.
Will there be a Clean Install version for Mac OS X?
Maybe, if the need for it becomes clear. This will probably have to wait until a few updates to Mac OS X are released.
After doing an 'Add Back' some important preference files (Remote Access prefs) aren't moved back. What's wrong?
If there is another set of the same files in the new System Folder, the program stops to avoid overwriting them. Usually the preference files that were collected from your previous System Folder are the ones to keep (manually), unless you have entered newer information in the new System Folder.
The way to avoid this is to install the new System Folder, then use C-IA to move your prefs to it before you do the first startup using the new System Folder: this is because the extensions and control panels in the new System Folder will immediately create new copies of their prefs files if they don't find one in the Preferences folder already.
Is there a Japanese version of Clean-Install Assistant ?
Yes, here.

Known Issues

  1. Some folders in the 'Additions' folder appear empty, but it is because they hold invisible items.
  2. Items in the System suitcase itself are not moved, please move them manually (extra keyboard layouts, sounds)
  3. If a System Folder does not contain any non-'Apple' items a message should state so.