Startup Doubler For Faster Startups!

Download v2.7.3 (51 KB) for Mac OS 7.0 through 9.2.2. Now freeware!


Startup Doubler's software acceleration compensates for less-than-optimal disk performance to make extensions, control panels, the Finder and startup apps load faster.

See the movie!

Zap through startup icons!

Save time each time you startup your Mac!

Startup your PowerBook/iBook faster at airports (and everywhere else, too!)

Waiting too long for your Mac to start up, day after day, only adds up to a lot of wasted time. Startup Doubler can help: expect pre-G4 Macs to startup 10% to 50% faster, depending on disk speed. Fast disks in the latest high-end Macs, however, can't be accelerated much, so if you have one of those you probably won't notice much difference.

Before you install, please make sure to check your disk with Disk First Aid or a similar utility. Minor disk errors that may have gone unnoticed before are sometimes made apparent when Startup Doubler is installed. Common such conditions and fixes for each are detailed on the Frequently Asked Questions FAQ page.

Startup Doubler works on Macs running System 7.0 through Mac OS 9.2.2

New in version 2.7.3

01/17/03: v.2.7.3 fixes a freeze bug that would sometimes happen when the *Startup Doubler Extension grew larger than 500K. This version is also slightly faster than previous ones.

Many thanks to the people who helped with testing, and to MacFixIt for their help in troubleshooting the early versions.