Smart Scroll Classic Reviews

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Mac OS 8-compatible utilities that have recently earned a place in my toolbox include ... Marc Moini's Smart Scroll 3.0, which provides active scrolling and proportional thumbs. Henri Norr in his Second Decade article in MacWeek.

This is the exact utility that I have been lacking on my Mac. I did not even realize that this was possible in such a well organized and useful package. My favorite is watching the length of my web pages nimbly update even as the page is being loaded. I registered this little work 10 minutes after I started using it. Colin Potter

Perfect work you have done! I saw the 'smart-scrolling' at our NT-server for the first time, and it made me jealous... But now I have the opportunity to have it on my own Mac. Jaap Van Den Dries

I use NEXTSTEP and X Window System at my university. I want to use active scroll and proportional thumb on my Macintosh; too. I like SmartScroll very much. Thank you for your great software. HACHISU Yoshinari